Leverage our Engineered XRF Test Stand Solutions and obtain GeoChem data faster!

Jan 22, 2023 | Blog

With long turn-around times from Major minerals labs in this post-COVID economy, it is more important than ever for minerals exploration teams to obtain the best GeoChem data for their geological modelling, such as mentioned here https://papers.acg.uwa.edu.au/p/1308_18_Rees/ then often the only solutions available are often expensive, non-portable, and require site power to run.  Good examples of this are this milling/crushing/XRF stand combination https://reflexnow.com/product/reflex-xrf/ or https://amcmud.com/ offered by one of the large companies in this space.  Clunky, large, and certainly not cost-effective!

This is why we believe our products, many of which are source right here in Perth Western Australia are the right solution if you want quick, close-to-lab quality GeoChem data!  Break up rocks, RC chips etc and mill them to a fine homogenised powder.  Pack them into the Easy Sampler XRF test stand.  You will double your on-site sampling through-put!  Ensuring the execution of your drilling programs mean your team has instant learnings and new knowledge of your ore body.

XRF test stand Ute field siteXRF Portable Rock Mill

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