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WilTec Solutions

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We provide custom Engineered accessories, and rental solutions, for handheld XRF and site-based Mineral Sample Preparation

About WilTec Solutions

We are an Engineering & pXRF Rental company based in Perth, Western Australia.

Founded in 2019, we specialise in Test Stands & Rock Sample Preparation equipment for handheld XRF Analysers, particularly for loose soils and powders in the Mining / Minerals Exploration industry.

We also offer our NDT clients PMI gun rental services.

WilTec Solutions

Products & Services

Easy Sampler pXRF Test Stand

Available models compatible with either Olympus Vanta or Thermo Fischer Niton pXRF’s.

Many other manually operated pXRF test stand products exist, however they all have the same basic design flaws, and same operational limitations to productivity when users need to accomplish hundreds (or even thousands) of assay tests.

  • The pXRF is docked in underneath the test rig.
  • The sample cups then must be inserted upside-down so that the material in the cup doesn’t fall out.
  • The test rig can only load one sample cup at a time.

With Wiltec Solutions’ Easy Sampler, these operational limitations have now been solved.

    WilTec Solutions
    WilTec Solutions
    XRF Analyzer Test Stand

    Easy Sampler SIZES


    • The “Easy 5”
      Our smallest test rig, that accommodates 5 sample cups and comes with one spare 5 sample cup cartridge. This has been created for smaller, cost-conscious customers.
    • The “Easy 6”
      Our medium test rig, that accommodates 6 sample cups and comes with one spare 6 sample cup cartridge. This has been created for larger customers who want to be able to run this assay rig with their drill rig.
    • The “Easy 10”
      Our largest test rig, created specifically for the laboratory market, for laboratories who want to speed up the though-put of testing and may want to achieve that without purchasing an expensive automated solution.

    Use and Appeal

    Most customer testimonials point to the following common aspects:

    • Has turned what used to be a two(2) person job into a one(1) person job.
    • Has removed the task of applying the fragile film over thousands of samples in hot & harsh conditions.
    • Has removed the need to buy thousands of plastic sample cups as samples are often cleaned (in-situ in cartridges) and reloaded with next material for assay.
    • Field Operatives’ ability has increased from completing approximately 80 – 100 samples per day to 150-200 samples per day.
    • Increases Field Operatives’ ability to “keep up with the drill rigs” on an exploration campaign.
    • The “open frame” nature of the product allows the user to adjust and service the product themselves whilst in the field, with a modicum of mechanical skill.

    Tested in the Field

    Just some of the companies that have purchased an Easy Sampler to date include:

    • BHP Nickel West
    • Kalgoorlie-Coolgardie Gold Mining (KCGM) – Super Pit Operator
    • Northern Star Resources
    • Golden State Mining
    • Northam Iron
    • Gold Road Resources

    Lab-tested to ensure the quality of your data. Download Easy Sampler / Olympus Workstation correlation data here.


    • Reduce your portable XRF operational costs by 80%
    • Compatible with most major XRF brands and models
    • Automated assay of drill core directly in core boxes
    • Includes GeRDA user software
    • Communicates via FastEthernet, USB, Bluetooth, Wifi
    • Excellent international after-sales support

    More information about GeRDA manufactured by MEFFA Lab Oy.

    Tested in the Field

    Portable Rock Mill Kit

    • Manufactured to EN60745
    • Hardox Stainless Drum + Blades
    • No sample contamination (trace Fe)
    • Rock chisel, mallet & canister
    • 50 – 200g sample volume
    • High performance batteries (2)
    • Fast-charger
    • Get “close-to-lab” quality sample-prep on site

    Radiation Management Plans

    We offer industry standard Radiation Management Plans for the LX and RX licences needed in order to use your pXRF for the Mining, Exploration and NDT markets.

    We can also help lodge your RMP with the relevant Australian Government authorities if you require.

    For a quote request or general enquiry, please contact us via the enquiries form or via our email address [email protected].

      Equipment Rental

      pXRF Rental

      We offer pXRF Analysers for the Mining, Mineral Exploration, and NDT Positive Material Identification PMI rental markets.

      We also offer various pXRF accessories for rent including Olympus Workstation, Easy Sampler, mineral standards, and sample cups + Mylar film if required.

        For a quote request or general enquiry, please contact us via the enquiries form or via our email address [email protected].

        Read more about Olympus XRF Analyzers and XRD Analyzers.


          “The [Easy Sampler Mark II] upgraded cradle makes a huge difference in the pXRF set up. It is more rigid compared to the old design and offers a stable platform for the pXRF machine. I like the way that it is easier to put the Vanta in and out without the need to remove the probe shield.

          The new [Easy Sampler Mark II] sample cup slots are easier to clean of spillages which we do before start of analysis of each batch.

          Me and my field tech are happy with the redesign. It makes reading the samples more efficient with this set up. We can do close to 150 readings in a 10-hour shift.

          We have abandoned our old set up, [of] using a soil foot and making individual pucks with Mylar film for each sample. We saved a significant amount of money on pXRF consumables with this Easy Sampler set up.”

          Camilo Guarin Jr
          Senior Exploration Geologist
          Matsa Resources Ltd.

          WilTec Solutions

          “We recently installed a large version of the Easy Sampler Test Stand at our facility in Perth. The Easy Sampler has allowed us to prepare and analyse the same number of samples with one operator, that it previously took two operators to do.

          This represents considerable savings per sample that can help improve our bottom line, while maintaining the same high quality of sampling.”

          Major Perth Laboratory
          (Owner of 2 Easy Samplers)